Akbar Moghaddam is an innovator and master craftsman with a relentless passion for percussion. Working for the most celebrated brands in the industry, the man simply known as Akbar has built a highly respected reputation for designing instruments that put the needs of the player first. 


From his earliest days with the famed Valje brand in the late 80s, to his more mainstream work with Latin Percussion and Gon Bops, the award-winning inventor has been the architect of numerous design advancements, all while maintaining a healthy respect for the traditions that percussion purists hold dear. Having worked in concert with legendary artists such as Giovani Hidalgo, Alex Acuna, Karl Perazzo, Jesus Diaz, Orestes Vilato, Walfredo Reyes Sr. and a host of other notable luminaries, Akbar’s talents have been immortalized on countess recordings and played on the most prestigious stages throughout the world. 


The blueprint for Akbar’s own brand, Sol, has been decades in the making. The ever-evolving company he started in the Bay Area more than 30 years ago has recently been reborn as the visionary reimagines a new line of premium, California-made boutique creations that will be in keeping with the maker’s standards and attention to detail. With a new generation seeking distinctiveness and uncompromising quality, this artisan will be answering the call—armed with unmatched experience, an obsession for the art form and Sol.