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USA Pro Bongos

Made in the USA




The Sol USA Pro Bongo has a pedigree like no other set of bongos. Its roots reach back to one of the first percussion brands made in the USA, and all of the design aspects that contributed to the legendary musicality have been incorporated into our new handmade bongos along with everything else we’ve learned along the way. If you are familiar with the previous generation of Sol bongos, you will recognize several features: a 7" Macho drum and an 8.5" Hembra - both 6” tall; our signature bearing edge bevel; half-inch, half-round top rings for playing comfort; compact hardware; and solid-stave hardwood construction.



Red oak is standard on these bongos, but we don't buy into the idea that you can have any kind of wood you want as long as it is Red Oak. Quite to the contrary, we at Sol feel that it is time for percussionists to have options. Because we make these drums in the USA and can run smaller batches, we can take advantage of the availability of a variety of great hardwoods. Some may be only available for a limited time so if you are interested, check back regularly or sign up for our product news emails.


Something Completely New

The Sol USA Pro Bongo set has a completely re-designed center block system that sets it apart. Most bongo sets use a 2-bolt, through-and-through center block system that, as it loosens over time, can allow the set to twist. Also, the two-bolt system puts a lot of stress on the drum shells making them susceptible to cracking. Sol's new system sets the center block into the body of the drum and then uses a single, short bolt and set-nut combination on each side to lock it into place. This virtually assures that the set won't twist on you during a performance and greatly reduces the torque required to lock the drums into place. It also assures that the playing surfaces of the two drums are even, level and placed very close together. The net result is better durability, playability, speed and comfort.



Sol's USA Pro Bongos come standard with Remo tucked synthetic heads - valued by pros for their stability and consistent sound when playing live, no matter the location or climate. For a small additional charge, we will hand fit your bongos with traditional rawhide heads. When doing this we use a cowhide head on the Hembra and a horsehide head on the Macho. Valued for their melodic tone and subtle nuance of sound, rawhide heads are more susceptible to the environment. As such, this option is best suited for more critical situations such as the studio or live recording.

USA Pro Cajon

Made in the USA

Designed by Akbar Moghaddam and built by Sol Percussion in Southern California, the Sol USA Pro Cajon is the culmination of months of prototyping, testing, and refining. Our first proprietary handmade cajon design packs several innovations into one box. Every detail, from the wood selection to how we attach the feet to the number and placement of the face screws has been meticulously thought out and vetted. At its core, it is a Flamenco-style cajon made from high-grade, Baltic Birch plywood. This particular material was chosen because, unlike most plywoods, it uses hardwood (birch) for both the finish plies and the core, which produces a more rigid body. The net result is a cajon that projects rather than absorbs the sound.


For most cajons, there is very little you can do to modify the sound - you get what you get. That all changes with the Sol USA Pro Cajon thanks to our internal baffle system. There are two sets of parallel vertical grooves on the inside of the cajon: one set towards the playable side and one towards the resonant side. These grooves hold our internal, adjustable sound baffles (one baffle included with each cajon). The baffle is concave and can be moved from top to bottom. The cajon responds to even subtle changes in the position of the baffle which allows fine tuning of the sound - perfect for critical situations like the recording studio.


Another important innovation is our snare design. The wires on the USA Pro Cajon are unique, 8 level, coiled, horizontal snare strands plus a single strand placed in each of the top corners at a 45 degree angle to hold the snare harness in place and to enhance the overall sound. The snare wires are stretched behind the front panel and are replaceable. The net result is a snare sound that is responsive, easy to control, and free of unwanted overtones.


Other design features include: Scalloped front panel improves playability and comfort Anti-slip; adjustable swivel feet allow the player to tip the cajon back more securely; swivel feet are secured with an internal nut that prevents them from loosening over time; front plate screws are positioned for optimal sound adjustment.

El Artesano Cajon

Made in Peru

Sol Percussion's El Artesano Cajon is handmade in Peru, considered by most to be the birthplace of the cajon as an instrument. The body of this cajon is made from select pieces of solid Mohena, American Muskwood, and Tropical Walnut, with a multi-ply Spanish Cedar and Lupuna playing surface and resonant side.


El Artesano Cajon features snare wires designed and placed to reduce their sound when playing the bass tone without sacrificing any snap on a slap tone. The result is a cajon that balances the best sonic characteristics of both a traditional cajon and a Flamenco cajon. It has a warm, booming bass as well as a snappy slap tone.


Artisans painstakingly create the panels for the body of the cajon by selecting and using individual pieces of hardwood. Once the panels are created, the cajon is built using dovetail joints and then finished in a furniture-grade gloss finish. Free gig bag included!

Dos Voces Cajon

Made in Peru

Sol Percussion's Dos Voces Cajon is handmade in Peru, considered by most to be the birthplace of the cajon as an instrument. It is called Dos Voces, or Two Voices, because of its dual playing surface design. By placing the sound port on the side of the cajon, we are able to offer a versatile instrument with a traditional, Peruvian playing surface on one side and a Flamenco playing surface on the other. Partially sealed and without snares, the traditional side offers the round, mellow tones and pure bass that has characterized Peruvian cajons for generations. Flip the cajon around and the player can draw out the more aggressive, modern sound of the snares common to the modern Flamenco-style cajons.


The body of the Dos Voces Cajon is made from solid, furniture-grade panels of Mohena, with dovetail joints and a beautiful gloss finish. The playing surfaces are both multi-ply Spanish Cedar and Lupuna. Designed with two playing surfaces and the sound port on the side, this cajon offers two distinct sounds, or voices. One side has a traditional Peruvian sound with no snares and a partially sealed playing surface. Sound from this side is warm and mellow with a pure bass tone - perfect for softer songs or acoustic sets. The opposite side has the same snare configuration as our El Flamenco cajon with snare strings running from top to bottom against the back of the playing surface.This side has a more aggressive sound that is better for louder gigs or traditional flamenco playing. Free gig bad included!

El Flamenco Cajon

Made in Peru

Sol Percussion's El Flamenco Cajon is handmade made in Peru, considered by most to be the birthplace of the cajon as an instrument. From this deep heritage comes an instrument that fully embraces the more modern Flamenco sound.


Constructed from multi-ply, lighter-weight woods (Capinuri, Lupuna and Spanish Cedar), El Flamenco features steel strings that run from top to bottom behind the playing surface and a seating pad for comfort. This lighter weight of this cajon makes it perfect for the percussionist who is on-the-go. Free gig bag included!

El Cajoncito 

Made in Peru

Sol Percussion's El Cajoncito (The Little Cajon) cajon is a scaled-down, Flamenco-style cajon handmade in Peru. At just over 3/4 size, this instrument is perfect for a young player, someone of smaller stature or any percussionist who just needs a more compact instrument.


The body of this cajon is made from solid Monterey Pine panels and constructed using dovetailed joints. The playing and resonant surfaces are made from multi-ply Lupuna and Spanish Cedar.

Bongo Cajon

Made in Peru

Sol Percussion's Bongo Cajon is handmade in Peru. This compact cajon is made to be played like a set of bongos with one side pitched higher and the other side lower. Unlike many bongo cajons, the Sol instrument has two separate sound chambers - one for the Macho (small, higher-pitched) side and one for the Hembre (large, lower-pitched) side. The bottom of the Bongo Cajon is solid wood that has a 2” port or hole under the Macho/small sound chamber and a 3” hole under the Hembre/large sound chamber. This helps to provide a more distinct high and low pitch as well as improving sound projection.


The sound of the instrument can be kept mellow and warm when played with a lighter touch, but projects well with plenty of snap and pop when played more aggressively. The Bongo Cajon body is constructed of Mohena and the head is multi-ply Lupuna and Spanish Cedar. Includes a free soft case.

Bata Cajon

Made in Peru


Bata Cajon, Large (Iyá), Medium (Itótele) & Small (Okónkolo)


A different take on a very traditional Afro-Cuban instrument, the Sol Bata Cajon is handmade in Peru and designed to be played resting on the drummer's lap. It includes a strap to secure the drum to the player's legs. The body of the drum is made from Monterey Pine and both heads are multi-ply Lupuna and Spanish Cedar. The Bata Cajon works well in any situation where you need a lot of tonal variation from a single drum, and even the newest beginner can easily produce at least two tones. In the hands of an experienced player, this versatile instrument can produce an amazing array of sounds. The inherent warmth of this all-wood drum and the comfortable playing position of the instrument makes it perfect for acoustic performances, drum circles, recreational drumming or just jamming along to your favorite song..


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