Our Mission

We’re passionate about making the finest hand percussion instruments available today. We also want to change the way drummers and percussionists look at their gear. Music and drumming is a very personal thing, and we know that a set of bongos isn’t just wood, metal and hide. A cajon isn’t just a box. Drums are personal. They’re a means of self-expression. If our passion can fuel musical creativity, everyone wins. Our mission is just that, to help more drummers experience the joy of playing a pro-quality instrument.

Our Philosophy

Why does the good stuff cost so much? At Sol, we don’t think professional players should be the only ones to play high-end, high-quality instruments. We aspire to only make the best. To do so and have it be more accessible is a challenge, but we’re up for the task. As Sol Percussion grows, we’ll reinvest in this philosophy. We’ll grow our product line, get more people working in California and put smiles on the faces of drummers who have never experienced a hand-crafted, expertly designed percussion instrument.

Our People

Akbar Moghaddam started Sol in a small shop in San Francisco, California. He took his drum-making experience and put it to good use. His life revolves around creating authentic and innovative instruments. He is the soul behind Sol, pure and simple. Lane Davy is a music-manufacturing veteran. He worked with some of the most recognizable brands in the industry. With Akbar’s help, Lane is building a business, but he’s also building a dream. He and Akbar share a passion for drumming and willingness to forge new territory and challenge the status quo.

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